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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2014|05:33 pm]
More Sleepy Hollow fanfic, Jenny-centric this time. I already loved Jenny, and writing for her made me love her even more.

The Last Bogeyman
Summary: She's been counting bullets

I'm under the weather and thus do not feel like doing real deep thinky thoughts but I promised myself I'd do quick rundown of what I've been watching so far this season. So, in three sentences or less, drum roll:

The Good Wife: this show continues to barrel along relentlessly. I was initially against the state AG development, but it's been more entertaining and fresh than I expected, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how well they've re-imagined the show without Will so that his presence is no longer a gaping hole. And I'm so, so glad that the Chekhov's gun that was Lemond Bishop is finally going off.

Sleepy Hollow: A little too much Crane family drama, not enough Jenny, not enough Irving. I don't understand, with all of her shady past how Katrina is still so boring. I'm fine with her being a terrible wife, but god, just, my eyes glaze over the second she appears on screen.

The Mindy Project: I wrote about this more extensively on tumblr, but guys, I'm a terrible fan. I think I just don't like when shows let couples get together (unless that was never really what I came to the show for in the first place). I refuse to even feel guilty about it anymore.

Selfie: Mostly dumb, with moments and hints of cleverness and heart, primarily thanks to John Cho (also so nice to see him sans all that creepy Sleepy Hollow make-up). I like Karen Gillan generally, but I feel like she's still settling into the role. I wish they hadn't hit the gas so hard on the UST stuff (I prefer a slow burn, thanks), but I guess it doesn't matter as it will probably get cancelled soon anyway.

The Affair: The first episode was well-acted and the narrative device was less gimmicky than I expected; that said it was sometimes hard to watch. Since I have to track down episodes in pain in the ass ways I'm not sure I'll keep watching.

Arrow: I feel like I'm wading into a minefield here, but I've been mostly enjoying this season. It's definitely having some growing pains, but I'm willing to wait them out (except for Laurel, snore). And I've been genuinely impressed by how Stephen Amell has stepped up his acting game this year.

Jane the Virgin: I would never have contemplated watching this if a few folks with trustworthy opinions hadn't recommended it, but it's just goddamn adorable. A couple of the characters were a little bit cartoonish in the first episode, but by the second episode, they were already taking steps to remedy that.

EDITED to add Brooklyn-99: I knew I was forgetting something, and I can't believe it's this show! Outside of last episode, which was forgettable, this show continues to fire on all cylinders. I couldn't pick a favorite character if my life depending on it.

Okay, that's too much TV. I was contemplating picking up the Flash or Agents of Shield, but really, my plate is full, and I think I'm suffering from superhero ennui. Not watching HTGAWM because I think all the legal stuff will cause too much eye rolling.
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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2014|11:06 pm]
More fanfic. Because, I don't know. I can't stop. I'm like one of those wind up dolls who can't stop. Sleepy Hollow this time. Shut the Sky

I keep starting to sign up Yuletide and then changing my mind at the last second. Being backed into a corner makes me so nervous, but I so badly want to force somebody to write the Sleepy Hollow or Americans story of my dreams. Wahhh.
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It never rains but it pours [Oct. 14th, 2014|10:38 am]
In the last two weeks, I've picked up not one, but two new shows. I burned through the first two seasons of Sleepy Hollow in an alarmingly short time. And the show is so, so silly, and absurd, and it works like gangbusters. It should not, but it does. I would watch Ichabod and Abby do anything. Kill demons, go to the mall. You name it, I'm there for it.

And I watched the first few episodes of The Americans on a plane this weekend, and guys, why isn't anybody talking about this show, because it's aces. It's like a grown up, sophisticated, smart Alias. I've never done Yuletide before, because I am a giant coward but I sort of want to sign up just to get a story for this show. (or a story about Jenny Mills, Demon Artifact Hunter? Tough call)

I also watched the first two episodes of Person of Interest from this season and enjoyed them a lot, in so far as I could follow what was happening, but then I tried to watch some earlier episodes and it doesn't seem available anywhere. I don't understand why, in this day and age, all programs are not readily available to me for binge watching at any time I want. Get with the program CBS.

I'm going to give the Affair a try, and between these shows, The Good Wife, Arrow, and my various sitcoms, my TV watching itinerary suddenly feels very full.
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I've turned into a monster. [Sep. 22nd, 2014|06:38 pm]
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More for my own reference than anything else, a list of everything I've written in the last four months:

And Sometimes You Jump, Mindy Project
If she lets it, this train crash might last forever (I make Danny and Mindy break up; everybody cries, mostly me)

The Next Stop is the Last Stop, Mindy Project
Five times Danny tried to read his book and one time he did. (I spend a weird amount of time talking about the subway)

Broken Hearts and Other Bumps in the Night, Mindy Project
You can have it all (unless you set your apartment on fire and break up with your boyfriend for no reason): the Mindy Lahiri story. (Just your standard sappy tale that may or not be a ghost story.)

Throwing Shadows, Mindy Project
Growing older means there are more happy endings that don't belong to her. (I set Mindy up with other people; nobody wants to read it. I'm not even sure I blame them).

The Long Cut, Mindy Project
It was the running joke of his life that he never knew where he was going until he was almost there. (my danny angst opus with a weirdly ungainly summary sentence)

The Trick is the Second Time, Mindy Project
He's always the first one in and the last one out. (my danny angst vignette)

Something Like a Fall, Arrow
She was never going to be anybody other than Felicity Smoak (Felicity voice is really hard ya'll. I don't know what else to say about this)

And just posted today:
Words Swallowed by Water, Arrow
These were the only stories he could bear to tell. (Holy crap does Oliver get a lot of love interests).

Look at all these titles I did all by myself. I mean, they're mostly nonsensical. But they exist, and that's half the battle.
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2014|08:47 pm]
I was discussing tv with offline friends, which led to me making a list of my favorite moments from the past TV season. It helped get me psyched up for the rapidly upcoming season (give it to me now!), so I figured I'd post it here. This exercise also reminded me how many shows I watch and never talk about holy cow.

In no particular order (and it goes without saying that this will include spoilers): My 10 favorite scenes of the past television seasonCollapse )
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I did a thing [Sep. 5th, 2014|12:06 am]
Before I head out for another mini-break: Something like a Fall. Arrow. An Oliver story that somehow took a hard right into being a Felicity story.

ETA: Crap. I completely forgot that in fandoms that aren't (1) over ten years old; or (2) minuscule, more than like five people read the stuff you post, whoops.
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2014|11:28 pm]
People seem to be posting their fall schedules here and normally I would jump on that bandwagon, but for the first time in like 10 years I'm actually not going to have cable this fall (long story) so I guess I'll be relying on hulu and other illicit means. Which is fine, but it just occurred to me how thoroughly spoiled I'm going to get on tumblr.

Considering how much time I've spent on tumblr these last few weeks, it's shocking to me how much I dislike it. I wish all the fannish energy spent there could be redirected here or to another forum more suited for actual fucking conversation. To paraphrase the end of Devil Wears Prada, we gave up all this, and for what? Gifs of Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt and whoever these Teen Wolf people are. Which don't get me wrong, I like a good gif set of the various Chrises as much as the next girl (although right now my tastes are still running to Chris Messina and let's not talk about it because its hideously embarrassing) but it feels so hollow. Like empty calories.

Sorry this is a pretty whingy post. Let's blame the excessive labor day day drinking.
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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2014|11:44 am]
There's not quite a there, there yet, but it's starting to look like I may need a beta for an Arrow thing sometime in the next week or so. Anybody willing to give a short Oliver story a once-over? For adherence to canon if nothing else.
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2014|07:03 pm]
So, I've just returned from two+ perfect weeks on vacation, and the only consolation of being home, and not you know, snorkeling off a deserted island, is that the television season returns soon. Thank god. I know TV doesn't completely conform to its previous feast or famine model, but there's nothing like the beginning of a new season, all full of hope and mediocre
sitcoms. In the meantime, I'm holding off on the new season of Doctor Who until more reviews trickle in. I sort of went off the show post-Ponds, despite my lingering fondness for Matt Smith but I'm interested in giving it another chance.

So, I had a superhero themed plane ride. In addition to speeding through the rest of Arrow S2, I watched Captain America: TWS and Iron Man III. I have to be honest, after watching the Avengers and finding myself pretty much deeply indifferent, I was skeptical about the rest of the Marvel oeuvre, but I'm really glad I watched them. Captain America was sort of the perfect superhero flick, in an expected sort of way. I loved all the group dynamics, and duh, obviously Steve/Bucky hits all my buttons. It's sirius/remus all over again. (speaking of which, I reread my favorite books of the series on one of the other plane rides, and I'm never getting over those books. Every time I read them, some other character breaks my heart).

But I loved and just really fucking respected Iron Man for being great in all kinds of unexpected ways. It was really the darker story behind the typical story - the one you usually only get in fanfic. Well done all around. I enjoyed it so much I even sort of want to give Avengers another go.

I don't have much in the way of notes on Arrow, since I was on a plane distracted by the Japanese businessman sitting next to me who watched Frozen on a loop the whole time. But wow were those last six episodes a roller coaster. Holy shit did they burn through a lot of plot in a short period of time. Although I got a little sick of the repetitive (and reductive) killing/no killing conversations.

I'm also now convinced that any time any character finds about the big Oliver secret they become approximately 100% more interesting. And I was glad to see they hit the brakes a bit on the Felicity/Oliver stuff, despite very much enjoying aforesaid stuff. Anyway, bring on the new season! (I might be writing something? we'll see.)
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2014|03:42 pm]
So I have approximately 60 hours of flights coming up in the next three weeks (I wish I was exaggerating) and while I love being in new places, I do not so much love getting there, so I'm downloading lots of media to distract me from my unshakeable belief that humans were never meant to travel by air.

So far I have the second half of the second season of arrow, and then I decided to lean in and download Captain America and Iron Man 3, neither of which I ever saw, because I'm the worst, and actually fell asleep during the Avengers movie. Anybody else have any suggestions, particularly for TV shows?
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